November 2, 2011

Places I love ♥ : Rocco

One of my favorite little spots is Trattoria da Rocco at Sant'Ambrogio market. In fact, it was the restaurant where I met one of my now best friends. This place can be kind of hectic but its super fun and the food is delizioso! You can order an antipasti, primi & secondi for virtually nothing and all the dishes are typically Tuscan.

If you see people waiting to sit down, make sure one of the servers (or Rocco himself) sees you and counts how many there are in your group. It is like communal seating, so you sit where you sit, sometimes side by side, sometimes across from each other.  Enjoy the vino that is only charged by how much you drink! It is only open for lunch, and its better to get there around Noon so you have a greater selection of foods to choose from.  Get your Italian skills warmed up because you will not hear a lick of English :)

P.S. For those that live here, the take out service is great too!

Inside Sant'Ambrogio Market (Piazza Ghiberti)


Theresa Cheek said...

thanks Christy, I will add it to my list.

Jules8 said...

Hi Christy!
Just discovered your lovely blog. Looking forward to reading more!


Ryan K said...

What a beautiful BLOG! I have a special place in my heart for Italy. Sometimes I think I should just pack up my bags and leave. I've traveled so many places and Rome keeps calling my name. You know in the book EAT PRAY LOVE when they say what city are you, I'm Rome :) I'm excited to read more of your past blog posts. How long did it take you to learn the language? I've purchased the first two chapters of Rosetta Stone and loved it. Enjoy the fall weather!! I live in Florida so I'm jealous. Have a wonderful weekend.


Sara Amrhein said...

I love this place too!!! I live right around the corner, we should meet for lunch one day!

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