December 12, 2011

La Dolce Vita - Creativity

Wow, Florence is bustling right now for the holidays! Tourists from all over Europe are flooding into the city for Christmas & New Years, so you don't stand a chance to get through any piazza on your bicicletta (bike). This also means that the city is literally singing. Christmas lights are everywhere, window displays are completed and many children are playing in the streets. The vibe of Florence right now is nothing short of incredible! When you walk through the historic centre, you would never know there was a problem in the world. 

This weekend was the Florence Light Festival. I chose to wait until the crowds died down to wander through the city to see each installment. The Ponte Vecchio was lit a bright purple, Piazza Signoria had a music & video performance, Piazza Repubblica had the Rinascente light display (shown in a previous post below),  but the one on Via Tournabouni took the prize for me. I can honestly say, that this art installment is probably my favorite of everything I have seen in Florence to date. I absolutely LOVE how the olive trees are planted and lit from the ground up. The netting around each tree with halo above them was so beautiful that I could of sat there all night to stare at them. As strange as they are, I loved how bizarre & modern this looked in contrast with this typical renaissance street.

I really would of been in heaven if they had music playing.
Happy Holidays everyone!

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La Dolce Vita

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Sara Amrhein said...

It really is beautiful isn't it! I love it! I tried to cross town on my bici on Saturday evening, wow, big mistake! but so nice to see the city so busy, and that's exactly what I thought, what crisi??

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Fireenze sounds a great place to celebrate Christmas.

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