December 15, 2011

Places I love ♥ : 19r Yoga

When I think about my life in Italy compared to my life in the United States, I come to realize that if I had never moved here I wouldn't of opened myself up to new things.  I know I am beating a dead horse talking about my headaches, but after seeing a bagillion doctors and finding no results, I hit the internet for alternative methods of relief. I read an article about how yoga could help relieve tension, reduce stress and make you feel better overall. Fortunately, I have a friend here in Florence who is an yoga instructor, who also told me about the benefits of doing yoga regularly.

She, along with another friend of hers recently opened up this fabulous yoga studio in the historic centre. It is literally 2 blocks away from the Ponte Vecchio, and one block off the Arno River. Now, I revolve my entire weekly schedule around their classes and there is no doubt that I feel more balanced, more at peace, calm & relaxed. Yoga has this incredible way of making you more aware of your body and how it fuctions. You also learn how to use your breath effectively to reduce pain & stress. Did I mention you get the most amazing backside, stronger legs & beautiful arms from practicing yoga? 
Yea, that helps too!

If you live in Florence, are planning a visit, or moving here:  Go to 19r Yoga and practice with these beautiful women. Your mind, body & soul will thank you for it. 

19r Yoga & Pilates - Via Bardi #19r

P.S. You can also join Shari & Melissa in exotic locations with Yoga to go Vacations!

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