January 28, 2012

Places I love ♥ : Giubbe Rosse

This gorgeous café, founded in the early 1900's, by the german Reininghaus brothers, was a meeting point for the artists who developed the Futurist artist movement. You can still feel the passion and creativity bouncing through the air when you enter this café. The walls are plastered with art deco, contemporary art, drawings, still life paintings, and current art installations. It is still a favorite local staple for the older generations of Florentines as well as tourists.

It is one of my favorite places in Florence for a light snack during the day, a spritz in the early evening, or my favorite : cioccolata calda in the evening. I always feel like I am stepping back in time when I go here, maybe you will too! 

Watch this darling video about Giubbe Rosse

Piazza della Repubblica 13r 


Murissa Maurice said...

Such a great place!
I wasn't a fan of their futurist manifesto but they did produce some interesting art. This is what I love about Europe, to be able to step back in time even if it is at your local cafe or restaurant.

The Wanderfull Traveler

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

It sounds like you have some interesting plans for the blog and your life for 2012. How is the weather with you? It is snowing here so I am enjoying staying warm and catching up with all my blogging friends.

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