January 23, 2012

Winter in Portofino

I am back! I am finally getting back to normal with all my writing and upcoming projects both online and in my personal life.  So I have a few updates for y'all: I have a new weekly series starting this week that will be journaling my journey with yoga & how its changed my life here in Florence! I am really excited about it, so I hope you all enjoy it too! Then, I have decided to not continue the Monday La Dolce Vita series. This is only due to the pressure I was feeling to have content ready every week. I still continue to experience special moments in my life, but I feel like I need to write about them as they happen instead of only writing about them on the series on Mondays. Grazie mille to all of you that have contributed to the series over the last 6 months! I will be in creating a tab above with all your links about your La Dolce Vita stories & experiences. The blog will be undergoing a redesign over the course of the next few weeks, so I am super excited about that too! 

For now, here are a few photos from our weekend trip to Portofino & Santa Margherita which was absolutely.delicious.delightful and wonderful. The little port town was totally shut down so we had the little village all to ourselves and our 14 euro Irish coffees :)  We stayed in Santa Margherita at the Hotel Contintental with a fabulous view of the city & sea. Seafood was still plentiful and everything was discounted due to the low season. For the avid travelers, I highly recommend this way to travel in off season. You can find incredible deals at hotels, restaurants & spas. We were blessed to have clear skies, however it was a little chilly. 
A perfect little getaway for us!


Why Rome? said...

So glad you guys enjoyed the getaway to Portofino! I visited a few years ago, and it's such a lovely sea side town.

I'm a little sad you're discontinuing the La Dolce Vita Series. I really enjoyed participating though, and SO GLAD I got to know you through it and become friends!

I'm looking forward to hearing about your future plans, and also to the blog redesign. Lookin' good so far! :-) Hope we can catch up soon.

Love, Andrea xoxo

Christy said...

I know Andrea! It was a hard decision, but I am so glad we are friends out of doing it together! Catch up session soon! Big hugs from Florence, XOXO

Karla said...

Your pictures are gorgeous ! Good luck with everything in your future :)

Murissa Maurice said...

Fantastic little town, showcased by your lovely pictures.
I did a little blog redesign as well...well as much as blogger would allow anyways.
Change is always good! Renewed my energy to write and keep sharing with my readers.
I was feeling a little down because lately some of the comments haven't been great or numerous. Most times it is clear that people haven't read the post and just want to leave their own link. So a change helped me not focus on that so much and focus on how many people have been visiting the blog. This led me to join twitter which has helped increase my blog views 40%!

I am also a little disappointed that you have decided not to continue La Dolce Vita series, but you have been so supportive of your fellow bloggers, I will continue to send readers your way!

The Wanderfull Traveler

Christy said...

Thanks Murissa, you have been so wonderful too! I will miss the series because of sharing with you also! But, I love your blog so you on my constant blog roll! I appreciate your constant support also. Aren't you heading this way later in the year? WE HAVE to meet up!

Karla, THANK YOU for the kind words. The landscapes make it easy! I just point and shoot!

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