February 14, 2012

Buon San Valentino from Cracovia!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone from a beautiful, snowy Poland!
It also happens to be our anniversary, so we are thrilled to be discovering a new country together.
I hope this week brings everyone, regardless of relationship status, LOVE & JOY.

Today's blog is dedicated to my beautiful Aunt Nancy who passed away yesterday. One of her favorite things was Potato Cakes, which happens to be a traditional Polish dish. I plan to honor her by eating as much of these as I can for the remainder of my stay here in Krakow.  We will all miss her, but heaven is a better place now with her in it.

♥ from Christy


leigh said...

Looks cold! Good thing you've got your man to keep you warm.

Happy Valentine's day and I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt!

Murissa Maurice said...

Hope you had a happy Valentines despite the sad news about your aunt. My condolences Christy.

The Wanderfull Traveler

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Happy anniversary, sorry to hear about your aunt.

Why Rome? said...

So sorry to hear about your aunt!

I hope you guys had a wonderful time celebrating your anniversary and love together while exploring a new country!

Andrea xoxo

Kristian Dennis said...

How many potato cakes did you eat? and peirogies? Thanks for the tribute!

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