February 25, 2012

Everything Looks Better Upside Down - Week 5

Welcome to the half way point of my 60-Day Yoga challenge with 19r Yoga here in Florence, Italy. I have some really exciting news! I set an intention for myself at the beginning of this challenge to do several things : Educate myself more about the yoga practice by living & learning it. Dedicate myself to practicing at the studio & at home the on poses that I was particularly fond of. Then, three to get in better shape : both mentally and physically. I gotta tell ya - it's ALL working!

Since the challenge started, I have now lost 11 lbs (5 kilos) : my goal is 25 lbs (11.3 kilos). I have learned so much about myself, my body, and the yoga practice that I am finding it difficult to know where to start to explain how fantastic this experience is. One thing that is fun to mention is that when you first start learning about yoga you see all these photos & professional yoga instructors in positions that look impossible. You think to yourself, I could never - ever - do that. Wrong sisters! Everything, is possible when you believe in yourself. 

We do not have to be professional or perfect to accomplish goals we put out for ourselves in Yoga, that is what is so beautiful about it. What we do need is patience and understanding of ourselves to reach goals however. Not all yoga sessions you feel mentally or physically strong, but one Sunday morning recently I was feeling really content & calm in my practice. I could feel that my body might be up for the headstand at the end of the practice, so I whispered to Lauren Piccolo if she would help me. To my surprise, I was able to get into the pose with grace and ease all by myself, but she was there to help guide me if I needed assistance. Afterwards, I have to admit that nothing felt so wonderful than being able to do something like this, I savored the moment with every breath I had in me.

The moral of this weeks post is that half way through the challenge, significant things are happening. Mind, body & spirit are on doing A - O - K . Buon weekend Tutti!


Barbara said...

Wow great photo of you. Looks like you've been doing this for a long time! I want to sign up! Which classes are you attending, and which instructors? Any advice, would appreciat it!!! Barbara

Christy said...

Ciao Barbara!

That is not a photo of me :) But doesn't the pose look fun?

I go depending on my schedule with work, they have morning & night classes... You can visit the website here: http://19ryogapilates.com/

Let me know when you get back to Florence and we can go to class one day together, then get a caffe after at Golden View by the Ponte Vecchio.

Buon Viaggio, a presto bella!

Barbara said...

Yes, very inspiring!! I used to be passionate about Bikram Yoga and had to give it up when I moved to Florence because I couldn't find a studio that offered in Florence. At any rate, I would be happy to start Ashtanga, at least it is still yoga and I really miss the mind/body connection. You will definitely see me there. I arrive in Florence on Wednesday, and probably will be ready for the following week. Will keep you posted. Ciao!

Murissa Maurice said...

You've inspired me to try this!
I am trying to lose weight for graduation in June - but before that I have a trip to Vegas that I wouldn't mind shedding some weight for.
Starting March 1st I think I'll try to either do something for 60 days straight - maybe Zumba or jogging to get my ass off the study chair!

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