February 18, 2012

Photo Journal of Poland

I just returned from a fabulous vacation to a very, very snowy Poland. The things I loved about it were : Hot tea with Vodka : YUM. Hot beer with Cinnamon  & Orange : YUM. Pierogi Ruskie : YUM! The Polish people were so delightful, and it was really fun to experience a new part of Europe.

There are absolutely no words to express the feelings after visiting Auschwitz however. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. For all you travel bugs out there, if you haven't added Poland to your list yet, I highly recommend it. Here are a few images I captured:

Oskar Schindler Desk / Auschwitz - Birkenau

Beautiful Snowy Park in downtown Krakow
St. Peter & Paul Cathedral / Cool cafes in Krakow
View of Krakow from Wawel Castle Bell Tower
My favorite street in Krakow : Kanonicza, How cool is that carved bookshelf?
Our amazing hotel / Snowy Sculpture

Main square : Rynek Główny
Valentines & Birthday Dinner at Pod Aniotami (Under the Angels)


Murissa Maurice said...

Gorgeous city!
I never would have thought Poland to be a good celebration type of city for romance or otherwise.
I love perogies though!
I really don't think I could handle visiting Auschwitz at all. It would be so depressing but something that changes the soul to visit.
My friend visited a site in Thailand that is like the Thai version of Auschwitz (can't recall the name) and she cried as she was told the history and shown the pits and buildings of torture and inhumanity.

Thank you for sharing such an interesting city.

The Wanderfull Traveler

Christy said...

I knew you would be the first to comment!!! Krakow was amazing! My mother travels all the time, so had been here last Fall and told me that its the most untapped place in Europe!

She was right, everything was unbelievably affordable, the service was 5 star, the food was delicious, and the history was so rich & interesting. Truly, it was such a fantastic getaway for us.

Put it on your list girl!

By the way, are you coming here later this year?

Loree said...

I never thought Poland was so beautiful. The photos of Auschwitz are so sad.

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