February 10, 2012

Places I love ♥ : Osteria Santo Spirito

It's cold in Florence right now. Bitterly,bitterly cold. We have had record low temperatures here the last couple of weeks. So, what better way to warm up? Head over to one of my favorite spots in Florence : Osteria Santo Spirito and order their blazing-hot-GNOCCHI gratini ai formaggi morbidi al profumo di tartufo. In English, laymans terms : Gnocchi with truffle cheese sauce. Yumm-o!  

I promise you it will be one of the best pasta dishes you will ever experience. This little spot is family owned and truly has some of the most delicious (and graciously sized) pasta dishes in town. I have been told that the main dishes are also scrumptious, but I have to be honest, I only eat pasta when I go here because its that good.

Piazza Santo Spirito (in the corner) 16

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