March 19, 2012

Breathe - Respirare - Yoga Challenge, Week 7

I am nearing the end of my 60 day Yoga Challenge with the amazing group of ladies here at 19r Yoga Firenze. So, I've been thinking about how to wrap up my last couple of entries for my readers. It's almost impossible for me to know how to do this because the art of yoga is unending and there is so much to learn about ourselves and the practice! What I do know is that one of the most beautiful things happened last week during a couple of my practices at the studio.

One class I was taking with Lauren, and I was feeling mentally and physically really strong. I was having a good day, I felt confident, and my headache was minor. At this point in my life, this is is nothing short of a miracle, so, going into a practice like this is really - FUN. So, naturally with Lauren's amazing guidance I was able to move through the practice & push myself into poses that I had no idea I was capable of. Wowzers! I left class that night feeling even better than I did coming in. Soooo, fast forward to the next night. I was feeling the exact same! In traditional exercise I would think that you could probably achieve the same amount of "accomplishment" again. Not in Yoga. The very next night, I was back at the studio, and the strangest thing happened to me. I literally could not do one posture. The opening sequence I talked about in a previous post called the Sun Salutations I could barely get through. I was exhausted all of sudden, I was shaking, I was an absolute trainwreck.

What I came to realize is that my ego needed a reality check. I had to tell myself to be okay with not doing as much as I did the night before. It is okay to set goals, but is not okay to get ahead of ourselves and push ourselves too far. I should of approached this class with open-ness instead of eagerness to achieve the same thing from the night before.  This idea manifests itself in ways into our daily life in more ways that you can imagine. It is so beautiful.

The only, yes only thing, that got me through this class was my breathing (Prana, or Life Force as they call it in Yoga). My instructor said to me later "Don't worry, everything is okay as long as you are breathing". We take our breath for granted, which provides us with everything. Obviously if we don't have this - we aren't alive, so she is absolutely right! When challenging things in everyday life come up - just breathe! Stay tranquillo. It is really that simple :)

This pose below I could of lived & breathed in all week was Matsyasana or "Fish pose". 
This feels so good on your neck, throat, upper back and belly. 

Until next week's finale week with 19r Yoga! Namaste. 

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