March 8, 2012

Sacred Spaces with 19r Yoga - Week 6

I realized how much I love my little yoga mat that I carry around with me no matter which city I am in : Florence, Rome or Atlanta. Practicing yoga starts to become more than just a physical practice to lose weight, even though that is really fabulous when you see it happening!  It starts to become this ritual that you work into your daily routine that you cannot live without. Similar to that of going to church every Sunday, or whatever your routine might be. The beautiful thing about yoga is that there are absolutely no judgements whatsoever about your age, weight, race, religion, or ethnicity. You can be exactly who you are, because the practice is what you bring to it for yourself. 

Last week I looked down at my little pink yoga mat while we were in Terracina and smiled to myself thinking "This is MY little sacred space I carry around me with me wherever I go". It's fun to know to you can practice no matter where you are and feel good. The four corners of the mat are my church, my silence, and literally the only time in the day of silence I have to myself. I have had a rough week with my headaches, so knowing you have a little sacred space on the yoga mat is comforting. 

A few days later I returned to Florence and my instructor at the 19r Yoga studio had taken some beautiful yoga photos, my favorite is this one here at the Duomo, one of the most sacred spaces in Florence. 
Namaste Tutti! (Be well, Everyone!)


Barbara said...

I'm thrilled to have been inspired by you to start up yoga again. My hamstrings are a little sore from Monday's class (a little too much yoga too soon) and so I should be back again on Friday. Will you be there? Incredible photo of Melissa, she is beautiful.

Fern Driscoll said...

I like the way you describe your practice as your church - a lovely way to put it.

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