April 6, 2012

Atto Noto!

This week we completed the first step of getting married in Italy : The Atto Notorio. I will keep this brief, because I know none of my readers really care about how daunting this stuff is. However,  its time consuming, frustrating, and sometimes impossible to get clear answers from people in Italy about the process. So we decided to get our papers in the United States at the Italian Consulate. Since I am a resident of Georgia, I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Miami since that is where the jurisdiction falls for my state. Hallelujah! Who doesn't like a few days in sunny Florida?

I pulled up to the address that my representative from Italian Consulate gave me, 4000 Ponce de Leon Avenue. There was no Italian flag outside, and it certainly did not look like a consulate or embassy building. We walked inside the large glass doors to a beautiful, modern, marble filled lobby. Perfectly adorned with over sized modern art, and residents who lived in the same building wearing their fancy clothing & designer sunglasses.  I felt like I was a visitor to see Roberto Cavalli instead of going inside a shitty government building. I gave my ID to the security guard downstairs who instructed me to take the elevator to see my rep on the 5th floor. 

As we walk out onto the 5th floor, my dreams of luxury faded quickly as we were standing in not only a typical government room, but a typical Italian room. Everyone was standing around with muck faces, no one had a clue where to stand or where to go, bad furniture, a metal detector that did not work, and 1980's art displayed crooked on the wall.  Even the men behind the glass counters were hand gesturing at all us little people who had come there to ask questions. "ehhh??? bhhoo?? che dici??" I was back in Italy. I stood there attempting to form a proper queue for a few minutes (it worked!), to tell the gentleman that I actually had an appointment. A few minutes later, I hear over the loud speaker "Chriiiiiistiiiiiine!" I was thinking to myself, this is already a miracle we are being called back so quickly. 

My rep at the Italian consulate was fabulous. She made us laugh and had us in & out of there within an hour with all the documents I needed signed, stamped & approved! I was explaining to my friends how smooth of a process this was, and how lucky we were to have such a pleasant experience. I hope to not ruffle any feathers here, but I have not had good experiences with this sort of thing in Italy, not to mention with women in Italy.  There is always this jealousy or pinned up animosity I feel from some women in Italy, and this was not the case yesterday afternoon. My rep was happy for me, polite, courteous and really really funny. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I am super excited to have it wrapped up and return to Florence soon. Ciao !


Anonymous said...

This is a very long and daunting process but once its done it’s wonderful :) I know the feeling with the Italian women..among others..one of the many reasons why I don’t think I could ever live in Italy again permanently :/ My Italian and I are both happy to be back living down south :)

Good luck with everything to follow !

Murissa Shalapata said...

Are you already married?
If not I would like to see the process of arranging a wedding in Florence or Tuscany or wherever you are having/had it.

Miami sounds lovely right now. The sun has finally come out but I am stuck inside studying and writting essays. Ugh 13 days left!

The Wanderfull Traveler

Fern Driscoll said...

Wow - you got your papers in only an hour?? That's got to be a record! Hope everything continues to go so well.

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