May 11, 2012

Amerigo & America Contemporary Women's Art in Florence

Five months ago I became the President of the Young Anglo Women's Network (YAWN) here in Florence. We are a group of women (of all ages) who gather monthly to form friendships, network, socialize, and most importantly, strive to build a positive community in the environment we live in being expatriates.  Shortly upon settling into my new role as the head of this women's group, I was personally invited by Leslie Buskirk of Network (another women's expat group) to be a part of this full scale art show called "Amerigo & America : Contemporary Art in Florence". This show is a part of a series of events that are taking place all over Florence this year commemorating the death of Amerigo Vespucci and his connection to the United States. The planning had been underway between Leslie with Network, and Karen Shannon with the American International League (AILO) for many months, so team YAWN had some catching up to do.

Team Yawn : Allison Miller, myself and Sara Amrhein

Many weeks later, many emails later, many meetings later : we successfully had our opening night at the beautiful Palagio di Parte Guelfa that the Comune di Firenze, and the Amerigo & America Committee so graciously offered the three women's group's as the exhibition space. A beautiful venue, dating back to the renaissance, was a truly blessing for all of our artists to be able to show our work , especially as women in Italy. For this alone, we are very thankful.

The show was inaugurated by US Consul General Sarah Morrison, Robert Shackelford, secretary of the Association of American Colleges & University Programs, Author (and inspiring!!!!) Linda Falcone, as well as Rosanna Cirigliano, journalist & editor of Vista Magazine.

The exhibition was a perfect balance of sculpture, paintings, drawings and photography. My good friend Alison Miller helped coordinate the Art of Giving Back portion of the exhibition through Elaine Poggi's Foundation that were also included in the Amerigo & America exhibition.

For me personally, I would like to thank my partner (and artist!) through every step of this process, Sara Amrhein for her hard work and dedication. She rocks my world. Did you know she writes a super-fantabulous blog too? Yup! Go read it! When in Florence.When in Florence . I would also like to thank the YAWN Artists, AILO, Network Artists and Healing Art photographers for all their beautiful pieces of work, and keeping us organizers focused on the purpose of the show : to showcase women in art.  I cannot forget to mention to ALL the women behind the scenes in each of the three groups that made this exhibition possible, you all are truly incredible. You know who you are.

Here are some of the photos from fellow, blogger friend Birgitte Bronsted from A Dusty Olive Green


Cynthia said...

I thought I would tell you that you continue to inspire. These types of events speak to my soul.....combining so many of the things that I love. I am living vicariously through you! Keep up the fantastic work!

Why Rome? said...

Congratulations!! So amazing! Such a great thing to be a part of, and such great memories! Proud for your accomplishments! xoxo Andrea

Murissa Shalapata said...

Wow! What a lovely event. Impressive works to all the women who participated and that cake!
I also like how the event does not discriminate as to what art is...a cake, a photograph or abstractionism!

The Wanderfull Traveler

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