May 15, 2012

Nulla Osta!

We just completed the second part of the process here in Italy for obtaining the correct paperwork - The Nulla Osta. Taking care of this piece of paper was a breeze! You receive this document from the U.S. Consulate, so to put it plainly (and a little bratty) - Americans are organized. We live really close to the consulate here in Florence, so we could walk one morning to turn in our papers. As we walked towards the building, we could see a line forming outside. I politely waved my U.S. passport to the handsome, Italian, line controller, police officer, gentleman guy. He quickly came to me and said "Americana!?!?!" I said "SI!' He sweetly asked me skip the line and wait to the side.
"As I giggled, my fianced glared at the handsome fellow". 

I had made my 9:15 am appointment two weeks earlier, so the officer checked my passport to confirm my name was on the appointment list. For security reasons, he asked my fiance to wait across the street. A few minutes later he came over to me to say "Madam, you will go inside in 2 minutes", I politely responded with a smile "Okay!".  2 minutes later, he returns, and calls me by my first & last name and asks me to go ahead through security. Ahhhh, customer is so nice!

I walk into the Consulate and can choose two rooms : Room #1 to obtain a information to go the the United States.  This room was jam packed with people. Room #2 were for people who needed documents for Italy (this is where I go, and it was empty, note taken). I am standing in front of a very nice gentleman who proceeds to tell me "Congratulations on your engagement, give me a few minutes to process this, go pay your money, then I will be done with this when you get back".

I pay my 40 euro, 2 minutes later go back to the counter to the man comes back with my NULLA OSTA, signed, stamped & approved. I entered the consulate at 9:12am, I left at 9:25am with my paperwork. Moments like this I am savoring because I KNOW there will be moments in our future where things will not be this orderly (in either country), nor this quick.
The Americans have said "Va bene" too!

This is where the fun begins!  Now, what do you do with all these documents now that you are in Italy with them? You have to take them to the Prefettura (along with your two special stamps you buy at the Tabacco shop) and get them "legalized". So we walked to this office (they said they were closed, but were open!) took our number and waited, along with dozens of other foreign people for them to call our number. Thankfully, we only waited for 45 minutes to get our Nulla Osta legalized.

So here is a synopsis thus far about the process of getting married: 

April 5th - Appointment at the Italian Consulate (IN USA) Atto Notorio

April 19th - Appointment at the US Consulate (IN ITALY) Nulla Osta

We thought that morning that were having such luck (that is what they say here when things are done in a sense of order, that its "luck") that we might as well head on over Palazzo Vecchio and turn everything into them. So that is what we did!!!

And be continued...........

Outside the US Consulate - Florence, Italy with Nulla Osta


Rachel said...

amazing :) we are going to get married too in June :) and went through all the things you mentioned but in italy! it was a long process but definitely worths it :))

Congratulations and GOOD LUCK with your preparations :)

Barbara said...

Very assuring for you to get such positive confirmation from the Italian community. It was meant to be!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

It was lovely to hear that it all went smoothly for you, as we both know this is not always the case in Italy, so one is grateful. :)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I thought I left a message congratulating you on such easy success with this latest procedure! If this is a duplicate just ignore Christy, if not sorry the first one must have got lost.

roacamilo said...

Thanks for your lovely writing skills. You make it sound so easy , however I am FREAKING OUT. Me and my fiance are getting married in September and honestly I don't know what to expect at the US Consulate. Did you have to turn in some document s first? Please if you can provide a bit more detailed instructions, would be highly appreciatted. The US Consulate website says you need to have the Nulla Osta notarized as well...Did you do it?
Thanks so much in advance for any insight yo cn give me.

Christy said...

Grazie mille ragazze! roacamilo : email me, I hope I can help you!

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