July 2, 2012

We did it!

Thursday, June 28 2012 was the first of two ceremonies here in Italy. How lucky are we to get two anniversaries!! The day started with our civil ceremony in the elegant Sala Rosso at Palazzo Vecchio, then continued afterwards at the Gucci Museum Cafe & Gabriello Ristorante for a big lunch, for the rest of the afternoon. I know most brides do not get an opportunity to eat during their wedding - not here y'all!

All the hard work, long waits & processing of paperwork was all worth it on this special day in Florence. It was a lovely, intimate day surrounded by our friends & family. 

We are looking forward to our religious ceremony & more celebrating later this year with both our families & friends  ♥

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http://lafemmet.blogspot.com/ said...

Congrats!! Having two Anniversaries is nice. I have One in July and one in October. I love it. :)

Theresa said...

CONGRATS!!! Love the group photo!! Do you even know the two ladies on the right? Or were they bystanders? haha!

Life is so funny isn't it? 10 years ago, did you ever imagine you'd be married to an Italian, living in Florence...
I wish you guys tons of happiness!
All the best girl!

Laurel said...

Auguri! Tanti tanti auguri a voi!

Laurel in Roma

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Warmest Congratulations to you both.

Kate said...

Auguri! Congrats! I really need to get my butt to a YAWN meeting so we can finalllllly meet up!

Murissa Shalapata said...

Congratulations Christy!
Looks like a perfect day with friends and family!

The Wanderfull Traveler

Unknown said...

Ciao Christy! I stumbled across your blog recently and absolutely love it! Moving to Italy has always been a dream of mine and I must say, it's pretty inspiring to see that it can, in fact, actually be done! If you have a sec, I'd love to ask you some questions I have about the moving process?! No worries if you don't have the time! Ciao, Ani

Christy said...

Thanks ladies!!! Sorry for just now responding to y'all! It has been a fun journey getting here, and we are super excited!

Ani : you can email me at christinedickert@gmail.com

Ciao ciao! XO

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