September 18, 2012

Permesso, finalmente!

After hearing all the horror stories of obtaining your permesso di soggiorno, I gotta tell you - it was a breeze for us. Maybe I got really lucky the day I went to fill in my paperwork because we only waited one hour at the Questura. The fussy man behind the counter couldn't give a rats ass about anyone, so basically was just rolling folks through one number at a time. 

It wouldn't be Italy if there wasn't some hysterical story behind this though. We arrived around 7am and pulled number #449. I thought there was no way there are that many people ahead of us and Antonio said "Let's go take a coffee and come back". Oh boy, I am glad we didn't! The day started at #400. Wouldn't you know that an old Italian woman had picked #435 and had missed her number for doing the same thing! Miss thang went berserko when our number was called and she realized what happened! I thought to myself, surely they aren't going to let her go ahead - and my husband even said it was okay for her to skip the line! The fussy man behind the counter told her "NO, take another number and wait". Bravo for keeping the order!

There is a huge relief by having my permesso now! A perfect 3 year anniversary present from Italy!


Murissa Shalapata said...


I've missed your posts and am glad you're back!
PS I have a new URL.

The Wanderfull Traveler

Anonymous said...

It's hit or miss. But you have a carta di soggiorno, no? Finally they seem to have streamlined it. I went late August for mine and waited all of 5 minutes. Last year I went on a day after my scheduled appointment and waited 4 hours. Before that I waited maybe 2 hours. Since I'm of Italian origins the carabinieri are super nice to me, so are the flunkies at the window. Others aren't so lucky.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Well done you. I was amazed at how early your Questura opened though!

kate said...

My husband has this same huge carta di soggiorno. Funny that one of the best/longest permissions of stay is also the most cumbersome!!

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