December 1, 2012

Arrivederci my beloved Pepe'

Big changes are happening soon for us, so it's time to give my beloved bicicletta a new home. My darling red bike, adequately named Pepe' from it's first owner, has been my little companion the last three & 1/2 years in Florence. I have been insanely fortunate that none of the bike gangsters have successfully taken him away from me after all this time. One time they attempted and miserably failed when I found him around the corner : Bike gangsters can't fool me!

My bike means more to me than just being a "bike". It represents all the places, streets, parties, meetings with friends, rides along the Arno River & rides through the piazzas that I have enjoyed while living in Florence. I look at my red bike and only think about happy memories of living here. It is bittersweet to let him go, but I am molto felice (very happy) to give him to a friend who I know will take good care of him ..... keep him where he belongs.......roaming the streets of Florence.

Arrivederci, Auvoir, Ciao my Beloved Pepe'!!!


Barbara said...

I have a feeling from this that you are leaving Floence?

Christy said...

CIAO!!! I miss you!
I sent you a message on FB earlier.... we need to get together.

Anto & I are moving. Need to fill you in on all the big news.
Hope all is well! Christine

Anonymous said...

Are you leaving Florence/Italy? I've loved living vicariously through this blog it's been amazing.Please continue to blog where ever you are :) Best wishes for the future !

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

What a shame you cannot take your bicycle to your new home?!

Anonymous said...

I will take special care of Senor Pepe!! THANK you for entrusting him with me :) (He has 3 strong locks to protect him) xo -shari

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