January 4, 2013

Buon Anno & 2012 Wrap up!

Wow, another year has passed and when I look back on ALL the happy & sad moments of 2012 , my heart starts to putter. In many ways it feels like 2012 took forever, and in many others it felt like it flew by. In between all the major events of 2012 there were many evenings with friends visiting from other countries, day trips throughout Italy, lots of yoga and probably one too many glasses of vino!
Here is the wrap up, written the only way I know how! 

January kicked off with a vacation in Portofino
February we were in Poland for Valentines the same week that my dear Aunt passed away in Tennessee
March my kindred spirit grandmother, whom I am named after, passed away, so naturally I went back to the United States to be with my family. 
April we filmed for the House Hunters International Show in Atlanta & Florence
May was the major Art Exhibition in Florence showcasing women in the arts
June I had my first wedding ceremony at Palazzo Vecchio
July my mother suffered from a major infection in her intestines, so again I went back to the United States, this time for 5 weeks to be with family. 
August was my first Ferragosto holiday in Italy + Positano Yoga Retreat
September was my 2nd wedding ceremony in Florence, with ALL my friends & healthy family (yahooo!) from the US & beyond. 
October, my new husband and I went to the United States and traveled to 5 states in 2 weeks, had 2 more wedding celebrations, then dedicated photos from the Womens Art event in Florence to a hospital in Tennessee for my loved ones whom we had lost
 November we returned to Florence and attempted to do nothing but talk frankly about moving to the United States *more to come on this later!
December I spent my first Christmas without my parents and with my new family in Terracina, which was tons of fun, sad, emotional and delightful all wrapped up into one. 

2012 was a year that was FILLED with so many emotional experiences, so many sad moments for my family, but so many happy moments as well. I think I am truly blessed to have so many incredible people in my life, especially my new family with Antonio, and the never-ending support from my family back home. 

2013 is going to be the YEAR of tiny miracles and happy healing.


Murissa @TheWanderfullTraveler said...

What a year you had! It's amazing trying to sum up the year one month at a time.
Happy new year!


Yoga To Go Vacations said...

2012 was amazing...and 2013 will be even better! So happy we were part of your highlights :)
much love

www.extravirginitalia.com said...

Ciao Christy,

We have been following you since we saw you & Antonio on "International Househunters"! We were in the midst of planning a trip to Florence. We taped it & have watched it numerous times. We stayed in a great apartmentflorence 200 feet from the Duomo. Ask Becky. : ) I love your blog and love Florence. Keep blogging! We live in Sedona, AZ and would love to live in Italy, any tips would be great. Thanks for your inspiration. (You are mentioned in our blog!). Buon Anno!

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