January 31, 2013

Moving.....with patience :)

I haven't decided if I think moving is theraputic or frustrating, or a little bit of both. It is truly amazing how much "stuff' one can collect in the matter of 3 1/2 years. Antonio and I had so much stuff crammed into our closets that it took us weeks to sort through it all. 6 big bags were donated to local charities (6 bags y'all! Do you know how many H&M shirts, tank tops and jeans that is??? ALOT!)

Since we will be spending our final days in Terracina (for now!), we really had to be patient and selective in what we were keeping. At Christmas we brought 8 full bags from Firenze by train to Terracina, and learned our lesson quickly that this was not the best option for transportation - especially seeing I am not allowed to lift a thing at the moment....Poor hubby!!

Then our second trip down south we brought another 6 bags + kitty cat by car. This proved to be a lot easier and less stressful, but again - it is absolutely pazzo (crazy) how much stuff we have! Thankfully, we have narrowed down our things to 4 suitcases, plus two carry ons, plus one cat for the flight from Rome to Atlanta. 

The greatest lesson learned these last years is : patience and making fun of yourself as much as possible. Yee haw y'all !

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