December 31, 2013

Year in Review : 2013!

Another WOW year! Again, I have no idea where time goes. Moments go by so quickly now that sometimes it's hard to stay in the present. As I reflect on the changing year of 2013 I hope that I can continue to try to slow down and be more mindful of living for every precious breath of my life, especially now with my daughter. 

This year began with many trips to the john. I kid you not when I say that I spent more time hunkered over the toilet while we were in Terracina, preparing our move to the United States, than I have in my entire life combined. Why? Baby girl was already 10 weeks in utero and working her magic while mamma was trying not to vomit from the fish smell radiating through my in laws house. Don't get me wrong, I love seafood - and I appreciate it now more than ever because they have the best seafood where my husband comes from in Italy. But nothing is worse than morning sickness, especially when it lasts 24/7. We had one last sonogram in Italy and were given the okay to fly home, yahoo!

February we left Italy with our bags, fiesty feline and la pancia, eagerly looking forward to our new life together in America. We had many sad goodbyes from our friends & loved ones throughout Italy, especially from the Nonne (grandmothers), so thank God for Skype. 

March we found out we were having a girl! Duh. My husband put it out into the universe the moment we found out we were pregnant, and he was right! Such joy filled our hearts when we found out the news, then seeing her precious face in ultrasounds were moments I hope I will never forget. We would love the baby no matter what gender, but for both of our masculine filled families, a little feminine energy is kind of awesome. 

April we traveled to New York City with my Father in law and brother in law from Italy. Good times! There is nothing quiet like watching three handsome Italian men taking in the American culture in a place like the Big Apple. Hello Hamburgers & Skycrapers! We also traveled to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee where mio marito learned how to fish and caught a beautiful rainbow trout on his first try.

May my husband received his temporary green card and social security number. For some, this might not sound all that exciting. For others that know the massive amounts of stress, paperwork and logistics of this, its sort of big deal! We were on our way!

June, it's Baby Preparing time! that, and um. BED REST. Other than two gorgeous baby showers my friends put on for me, I was pretty much laid out watching marathons of House Hunters International and Love it or List it on HGTV. I swore to myself, this baby was going to come early. How could she not? I was already ginormous and could not imagine I could get any bigger..........Wrong!

July. Nothing happened in July. More sitting. More waiting. But the good news was that the baby was moving around like a little whipper snapper, so that made all the pain go away. 

August. It happened, finally at 42 weeks pregnant I was induced because Sofia was not budging at all. She is 1/2 Italian afterall. She arrived on the evening of Friday, August 16th after 11 hours of labor. If I had to do it over again, I would pray every single day not to be induced. I did not like it at all, but it had to be done. I went into to the hospital at 8am, was induced at 9am, epidural at 1pm, delivered at 7:30pm. That is relatively quick to bring a person into this world if you think about it. Doctors and nurses are miracle workers. I was beyond blessed to have a really good group (all women too, hoorah!) throughout my pregnancy and then the day of delivery - that, I would not change. 

Sofia was born. She was, and still is, perfect. Veramente, no ho parole (truly, i have no words) that could ever express what it felt like to see her for the first time.

September was probably one of the greatest months of my life. My cherub was at home with us, and although I was a nervous wreck (and still am), those first weeks of having this delicious creature in my arms every moment was something I will never forget. She smiled at one week, laughed at 4 weeks. Then, the hubs had to leave for Italy (eek!). Originally we were all going back to Italy in September for our close friends wedding, but since Sofia was so late in arriving, we were unable to go and Antonio went on his own. Super hard stuff right here! Babies need their daddies, but again - thank God for Skype. 

October. The Italians arrive in Atlanta. GAME ON. (See blog story below). 
Amore, pasta, vino. il fine.

November, my husband officially received his Green Card! MAJOR stuff right here. Our interview with Homeland Security was pretty simple and straightforward. Within two weeks of our interview, he got his Green Card in the mail. Did you know it's actually Green? Mamma & Papa' have all their documents now! Now, we are in the process of getting Sofia's dual citizenship sorted out. 

December we celebrated Christmas here in the United States with all of my family in Atlanta. 
Love, meat & two veggies, sweet tea, and a lil' bit of vino. The end.

All in all, it was one of the most life changing years for me. Second only to my decision 5 years ago to move to Italy & meeting my husband. Life is so wonderful, no matter how hard at times and I thank all my readers for continuing to read my journey.

 As 2014 approaches, I hope to be able to write more about our experiences of living as a multi cultural family.....The good, the bad, the happy, the sad. Til then. Buon Anno a tutti! Salute!


Cathi said...

Wishing you and your family a beautiful New Year filled with good health, love and a lot of laughter! xxoo

Ani said...

Another beautiful post! Brava! Happy New Year!

Alena Vorontsova said...

I wish your family many years of life in love and harmony!)))Beautiful couple!
Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

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