May 7, 2015

Our return to Florence

Hello my fellow readers! (if there are any left out there?!) We are back in Florence. I have been putting off writing on my blog due to lack of time....but we are here. Ciao!

I am not sure where to begin with our story. As many of you know or can tell from the photos, we moved to the United States for two years. During that time we had our first precious baby named Sofia. She is almost 2 (what????), and the essence of pure joy. It's really that simple, but I will leave my un-ending love for her for another time!

There is no doubt we had a nice experience in the United States. It was our first home as newlyweds and a new family. My family is there so obviously for me it was one of the most difficult decisions I made to move my family back to Italy. We are all still working through that though and thankful for technology to see each other. Horray for Skype, Whatsapp and Viber!

What do we want in our daily life? How do we want to live day-to-day? What works for us? What makes us click as a family.  The world is in chaos, No one anywhere in the world could say different, except for our yogi friends zenning out on a mountain in India (I'd really like to join them one day). But we aren't there, we are an American-Italian family, and see the best in both worlds. I've said in the past that I have a really bad habit of thinking that the grass is always greener, so I am working on it slowly. Getting out of my comfort zone, picking battles, and just letting things go has really helped. That, along with countless hours of yoga practice to clear my head space. 

So, having said that. We like America, we like Italy. The things we like about each are polar opposites though. America is convenient and organized. Italy is passionate and laid back. We'd love to have it all, but we can't. So, last summer when a job presented itself here in Florence to my husband, we started talking about if we wanted to give Italy a go. To keep it simple without getting into a rant about cultural differences, we decided that we should give it a try while our daughter was little. We know what it would take for us to live in the United States the way we want to, and most importantly the way we want to raise our daughter. We have no idea how our life would be as a family living in Italy, so we decided to come back to Florence. We are both incredibly fortunate to have jobs here, so that part of the move was seemless.

We've been back for three months and day by day things are getting easier. We are getting into a steady flow of our life here and really enjoying the beautiful things Italy has to offer : cheap yummy wine, day trips to the sea, eating really healthy food and being with our friends. Our social life here rocks (even with baby in tow!), so for all of these things I am thankful.

More to come, but in the meantime definitely keep up with me on Facebook. I post there more regularly. Linky is on the right tab! Ciao!


Josie // Hello Josephine said...

This reader is still here! I found your blog a couple years ago while I was single, in a thankless job and dreaming of moving to Italy. It was shortly before you moved back to Atlanta and just as I was about to move to Atlanta. I was just checking your blog last week, wondering what happened to your cute little family, so I am happy for an update! My husband and I recently spent a week in Florence and now he often talks about us moving there as a life experience/adventure, and although I have always loved the idea, the more practical/fearful side of me holds back. I will be very interested to read about your life with a family in Italy!

A Texas Mom in Torino said...

Yay! Welcome back! I've been waiting for a post. Now that you're back in the Bel Paese, hope we can meet up again!

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