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Christine Dickert Iacoucci

Ciao everyone! I am Christine, the writer of Ciao Christy, my personal blog about living la dolce vita, photography, design, yoga, traveling and more! I first fell in love with Italy in 1998 while studying art history in Cortona, Italy. In 2009, I quit her job, packed my bags (and cat!) and moved to Florence, Italy. Little did know I would find a great job working with Apartments Florence, a vacation rental agency catering to all types of visitors to Florence. This was the first step to staying in bella Firenze a bit longer than expected.........

Shortly after moving to Florence and getting settled into working full time, I met my darling. charming.charismatic. now-husband Antonio. As luck would have it, I met him only two blocks from my first apartment at Piazza Mentana, then 3 years later we were married at Palazzo Vecchio.  In 2013, we decided to move back to the United States to test the waters and wait for the arrival of our first baby. 

Ciao Christy blog was created initially as an online diary of my adventure of moving abroad and what it was like living as an expat. Now, it is a blog where I write about all the things I love in life: her family, her cat, Italy, the USA, yoga, design & traveling. 

Welcome and thank you for reading!

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